Hi, we’re Russell and Fiona.

Thanks for stopping by on our sustainable travel blog, One World Two Travel.

We’re a couple who met in London and from day dot shared the ambition to travel the world! After what felt like an eternity of saving, we sold our remaining possessions, said goodbye to our city jobs and booked a one way flight to Zanzibar.
So far we haven’t looked back and have to say it’s the best decision we’ve ever made! On this travel blog you can expect to hear all about our favourite places we’ve travelled, how we’re trying to do this sustainably and the people and cultures we encounter.
We will also be sharing our travel shots and tips on things to do. (After all this is what inspired and guided us before we set off). However we also want to share the real side of the places we visit. The good, the bad and the ugly!  You can find more about our story or alternatively feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Thanks for visiting and enjoy.