Tanzania sits on the east coast of Africa. Tanzania also incorporates the island of Zanzibar to its east; around 50 miles offshore into the Indian ocean. It has some of the most diverse landscapes that can be found anywhere in the world.

From its hot and sandy eastern shore to the densely forested and mountainous regions in the north-east. This is where the Usambara mountains and  Mount Kilimanjaro are located. You’ll also find a border to Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. Along with some of Africa’s largest waterfalls. Home to 16 national parks and many game reserves.

Tanzania is world-renowned for its safari’s. As well as the annual migration of buffalo from the Massai Mara of Kenya into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. We were fortunate to visit a park which is somewhat shadowed by the Serengeti. However, it still holds a high density of animals and magic; the wonderful Tarangire National Park. As well as Tarangire we visited the popular Ngorongoro crater.

We caught the ferry from Zanzibar into Dar Es Salaam. Dar, although not the capital of Tanzania, is perhaps its most prominent city. It’s the economic powerhouse of Tanzania and home to its arts, finance and media sectors.

From Dar we covered the north east of Tanzania with a bus to Lushoto in the Usambara mountains. We then travelled by bus from Lushoto to Moshi where Mount Kilimanjaro is located. Finishing off our trip we, of course, couldn’t miss the opportunity to go on a safari ourselves.