Kenya travel may not be top of every backpackers list but it remains one of our favourite countries we’ve visited to date. With so much more to offer than just the Masai Mara, our month travelling Kenya was  full of non-stop magic. In the city’s you can’t help but absorb the infectious positive vibes and smiles of the locals. And in the vast open plains you really feel like you’re closer to the origins of humanity and how life should be.

Our Kenya travel route began with an 8 hour coach journey departing from Moshi, Tanzania. Sounds rather arduous at first right? But with stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro, a straight forward border crossing, and most of our Kenya travel time spent driving through Tsavo East Natonal Park it felt like a breeze!

We arrived in Mombasa where we learnt of the history to Swahili culture, saw newly hatched baby turtles make a dash for the sea, and ate the best Italian food we’ve ever had (I know right!). After Mombasa we continued our Kenya travel route down the east coast to the stunning white sanded beaches of Diani. Before spending 4 days on the remote island of Wasini, where monkeys and monitor lizards were our neighbours in the bush. Eating the freshest lobster and crab for a fraction of the price we would pay back home.

After our time on the coast, we mingled with locals on the new high speed train line from Mombasa to Nairobi. Once in Nairobi we spent our time kissing giraffes and learning of the awesome job the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does for the orphaned elephants of Kenya.

Lastly it was a short mutatu ride to Lake Naivasha where we camped among the stars (and hippos!). And cycled alongside Zebras in Hell’s Gate National Park to reach the impressive Hell’s Gate gorge which gave this national park its sinister name.

What an incredible month… Kenya we can’t wait to be back!

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