Best Beaches in Zanzibar

Best Beaches in Zanzibar

It may or may not be a surprise, that Zanzibar has some of the best beaches in the world. Along with the Maldives, Zanzibar beaches have to be some of the best and most picturesque beaches we have experienced.

Picture the softest white sand, coconuts all day and crystal blue water that changes colour throughout the day. Not to mention the amazing atmosphere and hospitality Zanzibar has to offer. It simply is one of the best destinations for a relaxing paradise break. 

To be honest, all of the beaches in Zanzibar were the best to us in their own way. So it has been hard to narrow down the best beach in Zanzibar, but we tried.


Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

best beaches zanzibar nungwi

Nungwi beach situated in the northern part of the island is one of the more popular destinations. Located just 1.5 hours drive from Stone Town, means it is the first and sometimes only stop for a lot of tourists. There are beautiful white beaches and a great spot for sundowners. However, this is one of the busier beaches therefore there are a lot of resorts and beach touts as a result.  

Where to stay in Nungwi Beach

We found a perfect destination to stay away from the crowds and resorts. In line with your pledge to support eco tourism and travel sustainably, we stayed at Kidoti eco-resort

Kidoti eco-lodge was one of the highlights of all of our travels. Located 5 minutes out of Nungwi, towards Kendwa beach, Kidoti Gardens is the perfect spot away from the hustel and bustle of Nungwi resorts. The eco-lodge is among the local villages but hidden away on the coast. Falling asleep when the sunsets and waking up to the sound of the ocean was simple bliss. Simply magical. All food was made with local produce and Kidoti gardens are run by solar power – perfect for our eco resort dreams.

You can read more about our time at Nungwi and Kidoti here.

Paje Beach, Zanzibar

Paje beach is located on the east part of the island and a backpackers paradise. Full of quirky coffee shops, restaurants and night clubs, Paje beach is the new place to be. Zanzibar is also famous for kitesurfing so you will see the skies filled with rainbow coloured kites. Make sure to check the tides, as low tide will mean you are limited to swimming but you can instead pitch up on the beach and watch the local fisherman collecting sea shells on the short.

You also get a feel of local Zanzibar life in Paje as a lot of restaurants and accomodations are built into the local communities – great for supporting the local economy and travelling sustainably.

Where to stay in Paje?

We stayed in an adorable guest house called Sunny House Paje. The guest house is owned by the lovely Renata and made us feel at home as soon as we arrived, she is also great fun and is super kind to give you a tour around the local area pointing out all of the hot spots. 

You can read more about our stay at Paje here.

Jambiani Beach, Zanzibar

best beaches in zanzibar jambiani

Situated south of Paje is Jambiani, a smaller more intimate version of Paje. 

Jambiani has similar vibe to Paje, but is a lot quieter. There is the famous restaurant situated on the side of a cliff which is a must visit. As well as the Red Monkey hostel and parties held on Tuesday nights which hosts a number of local artists who keep the party going all night long.

We stayed at an amazing home stay via Air B n B which is unfortuantely no longer there. 

Michamvi Beach, Zanzibar

Michamvi sunset dhow

Last but certainly not least, is Michamvi beach. Although we don’t want to have favourites… this was defineitely our favourite! It is also a secret spot which has hardly been touched by tourists, such a hidden gem. The beach is situated north of Paje, but faces East so you get the best sunsets, dare we say it, in the world. OK, we can’t claim that, but it’s pretty darn good! 

The beach is also located next to a mangrove, so a perfect place to explore in the morning while the tide is out. There are an array of activities that can be organised, including snorkelling, sand dune visits and The Rock restaurant.

Read more about our time in Michamvi beach here.

Where to stay at Michamvi Beach?

There are lots of luxury resorts located on the beach. However, there are also a lot of local people using tourism as a business opportunity. While we were in Michamvi we stayed at the cutest lodge called Peku Peku. Located about 3 minutes walk from the beach, Peku Peku is located in a snug little tropical paradise. A perfect spot to relax and reset. After a beach sunset we headed back to Peku Peku and we could see the milkyway from our balcony. Simply perfect. Our hosts were also beyond hospitalable and we thank them often for their kind help and making our stay extra special.

If you fancy a spot which has more of a backpacking, hostel vibe, then we would recommend Miele Lodge, for some reggae fun.

Read more about our time in Michamvi beach here.

And that’s it. Our version of the best beaches in Zanzibar. As mentioned all Zanzibar beaches are pretty special for their own reason so it’s hard to define the best beach. However, if we were to list one beach which was the best, it would have to be Michamvi. But shhhhh, keep it a secret. 

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