Sustainable Travellers – About Us

Hey hey! Thanks for popping by.

We are Fi & Russ (or Fuss, known to some) conscious wanderlusts, food lovers in pursuit of sustainable travel. Fi is a creative, animal and yoga-loving lady and Russ is a fun-loving, life-loving, beer guzzling, avid planner and researcher better half. We love travelling, exploring natural beauty and integrating into local life. We also want to help protect our planet as best as we can and ensure we leave as little trace of our travelling footsteps.

So how did our story begin? We are sure you may have heard the story before. We were a couple with big aspirations to challenge the norm. We also had a huge desire to travel and experience some of this beautiful world, so we packed in our jobs and bought a one-way ticket.

Although it wasn’t quite that easy of course. While we loved our lives in London, we knew there must be a different way. We had enough of our 9-5 lifestyle, the rat race and knew we needed to make a change. Work towards that next promotion? Move to a different part of London? Become a commuter and move to the suburbs?  None of these options left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside or one bit motivated, so the decision was made – LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD! 

In order to make the big change we desired, it was much smaller changes (or sacrifices) that were required; predominantly having no social life and eating in – a lot! We cut our expenditure and consumption down by about 80%. 18 months later, after a lot of saving, a lot of new recipes cooked, a lot of selling our material possessions and a few arguments in a loft room – we packed up the remainder of our lives into boxes and began our traveling adventure.

Like most travel blogs, we want to showcase our experiences, share our stories and traveling journeys with you all. We have had to get out of our comfort zone in many ways – but we have no regrets. 


We have been travelling for almost a year and have visited some extraordinary places. In this time we have noticed that travelling has become much more of a commodity and is accessible to the masses. We have tried to avoid the crowds and visit those places a little off the beaten track as we have noticed the harmful impact tourism is having in some places, particularly on the environment.

That’s when One World was introduced. We have One World to live and explore and we need to give her some TLC. We are in no way perfect in our choices. But we want to work towards sustainable travel and ensure we are travelling our world in the most conscious, eco-friendly way. We want to share sustainable travel tips and tricks to inspire other travellers to make more conscious decisions. We also want to share the incredible stories of people, communities and conservation projects that are trying to protect our world.